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We are heavy haul.. DIGit?

Kawasakis to jetways..

DIGit Specialized Hauling Division

Experience you can count on!

DIGit Dirt Worx, Inc began moving heavy machinery back in our excavation days in 2009. We found many customers who needed the expertise we could provide in helping move and quote over dimensional and over weight freight around the country. We began focusing on this aspect of our business around 2012 and have been serving customers and brokers all around the country with exceptional service ever since. Call or shoot over a quote request today and lets get your equipment loaded and on the way to making you more money!!

  • Late Model Tractors & Trailers

  • Versatile Equipment

  • Professional Experienced Drivers

  • Accurate, fast quotes

  • GPS tracking on all company trucks

  • Can haul upto 110k lbs

  • Service to ALL 48 States

Can you DIGit?

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